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Turn on the SunKiss Feeling

Welcome to SunKiss, the world's happiest radio station!


A new way of listening - A new way of life

More than a radio station, we're here to make a difference to your world.

SunKiss: The warm energy of the sun encouraging friendly connections and positive emotions

The SunKiss Feeling

Turn On The SunKiss Feeling

Feel the energy through the inspired soundtrack and friendly company with added sunshine and joie de vivre.

Embrace the SunKiss Life

Embrace The SunKiss Life 

Appreciate life to the full and live it in full colour - happily, healthily and in harmony with the wider world.

Inspire the SunKiss Community

Inspire The SunKiss Community

Make a difference to the world! Learn, exchange and share experiences while inspiring others to do the same.


Our Shows

Get that SunKiss Feeling

The vibe changes seamlessly throughout the day, as the programming guides us from the morning cafe to an afternoon cruise on the waves, then cocktails and dinner on the beach under the stars. It’s like everyday is a holiday with SunKiss.


And don’t forget the SunKiss Fiesta every Saturday night with our charismatic host, Ace The DJ and his unique blend of sunshine-infused anthems.

He won’t go unnoticed, that’s for sure - and your Saturday nights will never be the same again”. 

Our SunKiss World

Insider stories from a radio station with a difference

Reach Out
With SunKiss

Here's an opportunity to expand your horizons and to connect to our growing community in a friendly and inspired way.


Spread your message casually through our presenters, or match your brand to one of our shows or features. 


For the more adventurous, what about creating your very own radio station with your choice of music and in line with your values and brand ... managed entirely by the SunKiss team? It's easier than you think and it can make a world of difference.