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Welcome to SunKiss 

Welcome to the bright side

Step into the sunshine and join us for uplifting music, warm and friendly company, and inspiring features that will brighten up your day!


"Life is better on the bright side, so tune in and soak up the feel-good vibes straight from the French Riviera"  


Turn On The SunKiss Feeling

Feel the energy through the inspired soundtrack and friendly company with added sunshine and joie de vivre.


Embrace The SunKiss Life 

Appreciate life to the full and live it in full colour - happily, healthily and in harmony with the wider world.


Inspire The SunKiss Community

Make a difference to the world! Learn, exchange and share experiences while inspiring others to do the same.

Our Shows

Get that SunKiss Feeling

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have sunshine at your fingertips whenever you need it? With SunKiss, that's exactly what you get. 


We've designed everything about SunKiss to bring a smile to your face. From our uplifting soundtrack that will have you tapping your toes and humming along, to our refreshing take on the news that focuses on positive stories, we're all about spreading good vibes.


Our inspiring features are specifically crafted to help you live life in full colour, with friendly tips for finding joy in every moment. So go ahead, find your favourite show and let us bring a little sunshine into your life.

Our SunKiss World

Stay connected with the latest news and stories from SunKiss to add an extra touch of brightness to your day!

Reach Out
With SunKiss

Here's an opportunity to expand your horizons and to connect to our growing community in a friendly and inspired way.


Spread your message casually through our presenters, or match your brand to one of our shows or features. 


For the more adventurous, what about creating your very own radio station with your choice of music and in line with your values and brand ... managed entirely by the SunKiss team? It's easier than you think and it can make a world of difference. 


Stay in touch with what really matters with SunKiss

News & Features
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