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Welcome to SunKiss 

Welcome to the bright side

Step into the sunshine and join us for uplifting music, warm and friendly company, and inspiring features that will brighten up your day!

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RVB 150dpi bleu dégradé 5.png

Catch your favourite sunshine vibe

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"Life is better on the bright side, so tune in and soak up the feel-good vibes straight from the French Riviera"  


Turn On The SunKiss Feeling

Feel the energy through the inspired soundtrack and friendly company with added sunshine and joie de vivre.


Embrace The SunKiss Life 

Discover the joy of SunKiss Life, where everyday moments are filled with wonder and new horizons await.


Inspire The SunKiss Community

Here's an opportunity to connect with our growing community in a friendly and inspired way.

Our Shows

Get that SunKiss Feeling

Our playlist? It’s as varied as our listeners. From the morning ambience of a French café to smooth evening melodies for your relaxation – we've carefully selected each song to match your changing mood throughout the day. What about our features? They’re all about inspiring you, sparking a little extra joy and wonder in your everyday life.


And there’s no sign of any ad-breaks? Just uninterrupted music to keep your day flowing smoothly. It's all about the music and the stories – no distractions or interruptions to break the spell. 

Choose Your Vibe

Got a different rhythm today?

Find the music that fits your mood by switching easily between SunKiss and our sister stations.  

Drift away with Bliss ... or enjoy  retro and recent stars, all handpicked by our suave curator, The Duke


Turn on the Sunshine!

Bliss by Sunkiss

Tune in to tranquillity!

Stars by Sunkiss

The legendary, the contemporary

and the unexpected ...

Our SunKiss World

Stay connected with stories by SunKiss

Reach Out
With SunKiss

Here's an opportunity to expand your horizons.


Spread your message casually through our presenters, or match your brand to one of our shows or features. 


For the more adventurous, what about creating your very own radio station with your choice of music and in line with your values and brand ... managed entirely by the SunKiss team? It's easier than you think and it can make a world of difference. 


Dive deeper into our latest stories 

News & Features
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