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Meet SunKiss

"SunKiss was born with the simple objective of sharing good music, good vibes, and good ideas"  

Welcome to SunKiss - your one-stop feel-good radio station, broadcasting positive vibes straight from our studios on the stunning French Riviera. No ads, just non-stop great music and uplifting features to brighten up your day.


Our friendly team is here to spread the joy and make your day a little brighter. Let us show you how to see the world in a different light, soak up the wonder, and celebrate the beauty in everyday moments.


We're all about mixing the timeless with the unexpected. So expect to hear legendary singers alongside today's freshest sounds and rising stars, all wrapped up in sparkling hits and beautiful melodies.

But that's not all - our talented team of writers and hosts will inspire you with engaging content that encourages you to live your best life. So, get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration with us.


At SunKiss, we also deeply care about giving back. That's why we collaborate with local organizations throughout the year to raise awareness for important causes. Together, we can make the world a more colourful, vibrant, and uplifting place.


Embrace the SunKiss Life and add a ray of sunshine to your day! You can tune in wherever you are in the world by visiting our website, downloading our app, or connecting to any online radio player. We can't wait for you to join us!

Our Home

"Our studio transforms from a friendly café in the morning to a lively beach cabana for sunset, then an open-air bistro under the stars after dark."

At week-ends, we host some of the French Riviera's most exciting parties featuring uplifting feel good anthems with added sunshine, SunKiss style.

Join us from anywhere in the world and ...

SunKiss Beach
Caroline 2_2048.jpg

"Each story at SunKiss is crafted to enrich your day. What will you discover with us?"

I’m delighted to give you a glimpse into what drives my work at SunKiss. As Editor in Chief, my focus is on creating content that resonates deeply and positively impacts your day.


Our 'Good News from SunKiss' bulletin and 'SunKiss Life' feature exemplify this commitment. They are crafted to not just inform but uplift, bringing a spark of joy and insight into your daily routine. This isn’t just about broadcasting; it's about touching lives and enhancing your listening experience with each piece of content.


Innovation at SunKiss means continuously improving how we connect with you, ensuring every piece of content is thoughtful and engaging. It’s a privilege to share this journey with you, enhancing your days with meaningful audio experiences. What kind of stories would you like to hear more of? I hope you enjoy listening as much as I love creating.

Caroline is co-founder and editor in chief at SunKiss. Caroline is also a director and event manager at Riviera Organisation.

Peter 2.png
"We believe that music really does make the world a better place. Above all else, music has the power to bring us together."

I built a passion on listening to music and a career on sharing it with others. I believe that music has the power to affect emotions, so why not use this power to make people feel good about themselves?


Since my very first live show in Brighton back in 1985, I have been using music as a tool to spread positivity and good vibes. Over the years, I have worked as a radio presenter, producer, DJ, and event manager, creating entertainment programs featuring live performances on the French Riviera. My goal has always been to use music to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences

Peter is co-founder and station manager at SunKiss. Peter is also a director and event manager at Riviera Organisation


Little Miss


Once upon a time there was a little spark called Sunkiss. Little Miss Sunkiss was a kind and considerate soul who wanted to make a difference in the world.

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Little Miss SunKiss - Chapter One



This is the story of a little spark called SunKiss. Mr Sunkiss was a curious, adventurous soul who loved music and who wanted to share it with the world.

Listen to the full story ...

Mr SunKiss - Chapter One
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