Turn On The Sunshine

You can now choose whatever SunKiss vibe you’re in the mood for anytime of the day. We have a great selection of playlists on Spotify, so you’re sure find the perfect mix for your mood.  


Here’s a few featured playlists that are updated regularly. Follow SunKiss on Spotify for sunshine in your pocket wherever you are!

SunKiss Challenge 1 - The Bird Is The Word.jpg
Café 1 - French Café.jpg
Zest 2 - Summer Cocktail.jpg
Zest  1 - Latin Spice.jpg
Stars 2 - Candlelit Dining.jpg
Bliss 1 - Blissful Covers.jpg
Fiesta 2 - Latino Carnival.jpg
Gold 1 - Summer Delights.jpg
Cruise 1 - Acoustic Cruise.jpg