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Turn on
the sunshine!

You can now choose whatever SunKiss vibe you’re in the mood for anytime of the day.


We have a great selection of playlists on Spotify, so you’re sure find the perfect mix for your mood.  


Here’s a few featured playlists that are updated regularly. Follow SunKiss on Spotify for sunshine in your pocket whatever the whether, the season, and wherever you are!

The Fresh List-2.png
The world's 100 Greatest Party Anthems by SunKiss  - Summer edition.png
The world's 100 Greatest Summer Anthems by SunKiss  - Summer edition.png
Cruise 3 - Uncovered Treasures.png
The 100 Feel-Good Songs by SunKiss  - Summer edition.png
Stars 2 - Candlelit Dining.png
Rising stars by SunKiss.png
Legendary 100 by SunKiss.png
Timeless Love songs by SunKiss.png
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