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SunKiss Radio – Where Life Shines Bright

At SunKiss, we're more than just a radio station - we're your daily dose of brightness, bringing a fresh twist to the airwaves. Co-founded by the dynamic duo of Peter Mackley and Caroline Mackley, SunKiss redefines traditional radio norms to offer you a unique listening landscape.

 Photo: SunKiss

Peter Mackley - The Vision behind SunKiss

Peter Mackley, co-founder of SunKiss, brings a refreshing energy to radio broadcasting. With his rich background as a radio presenter and event manager on the French Riviera, Peter is deeply attuned to evolving listener habits and the changing world. At SunKiss, he is dedicated to providing a fresh perspective that stands apart from mainstream offerings. Expect a lovingly curated mix of music at SunKiss, where timeless classics meet today’s undiscovered gems, all selected to enrich your listening experience.


Caroline Mackley - The Heart of SunKiss

As co-founder and Editor-In-Chief, Caroline Mackley brings a wealth of editorial and event expertise to SunKiss. She is adept at bringing to light stories that uplift and inspire, influencing our radio programmes and SunKiss Life, our vibrant webzine. Caroline focuses on capturing and sharing moments that highlight the wonder in our everyday lives. Through features like the "Good News" segment, she ensures that SunKiss offers a refreshing perspective, celebrating stories that bring us together and brighten our days.

Why SunKiss Stands Out

With millions of songs at their fingertips, why do listeners choose SunKiss? It's our unique blend of familiar anthems and new sounds that makes us stand out. From melodic covers of ‘80s hits to fresh tracks from artists like Noah Kahan and Teddy Swims, our selection is designed to surprise and delight. It's the beauty of radio - the joy of the unexpected. As Peter often says,


The beauty of radio is that you don’t know what’s coming next, but you know you’ll love it.


Expanding Our Horizons

SunKiss’s influence continues to grow, reaching listeners in over 130 countries. We're thrilled by the support and enthusiasm from our global community and are excited about what lies ahead. With the launch of two new stations - SunKiss Bliss for serene melodies and Stars by SunKiss for timeless hits - we're offering more ways to find your perfect musical mood.

Join Our Adventure

We are constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of what radio can be. Join us at SunKiss to discover music that moves you and stories that inspire you, each day filled with surprises that make life a little brighter.


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