What's On When

SunKiss offers a unique listening experience with different vibes at various stages of the day and the week.

Check out our broadcast schedule for more details on what's on and when.

Meet Our Presenters

Our studios become a focal point for on-air talent connecting from all over the world.

There’s an international flavour to the voices who bring a mixture of music shows, features, interviews and competitions.



SunKiss Café

The croissants are warm just like the company. The fruit is fresh just like the music. Join me every morning at the SunKiss café.



SunKiss Cruise


 The sails are up, the drinks are chilled, and there's room on the deck right here for you. Join me on the SunKiss sailboat as we cruise through the afternoon.


SunKiss Zest

Ola. This is Carlos at the SunKiss beach cabana. It's that beautiful time of day when we can chill and enjoy friendly company and fantastic music. It's so cool you can join me!


SunKiss Stars

Every evening, I'll bring you songs from the world's most legendary singers. Expect a few surprises as I'll dig deep into their repertoire with plenty of forgotten classics alongside the all-time favourites.


SunKiss Bliss

I'm with you through the night until sunrise with  the most relaxing, easy-going soundtrack ever. It's the perfect vibe for late night company, or to ease you off to a blissful nights sleep.

Ace The DJ

SunKiss Fiesta


Ace the DJ is in the Cabana!

Saturday night is party night playing the colourful sounds to keep your party jamming, SunKiss style.

Please contact us if you’d like to become a SunKiss presenter or if you have an idea for a feature.


SunKiss Gold

This is the show I was born to present. Non-stops hits and shameless nostalgia from the last century - not to mention my legendary music challenges.

SunKiss Special

SunKiss Life

The best of SunKiss every lunchtime.

SunKiss Special

SunKiss Cherish

Coming soon...