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What's On When

SunKiss offers a unique listening experience with different vibes at various stages of the day and the week.

Meet Our Presenters

Our studios become a focal point for on-air talent connecting from all over the world.

There’s an international flavour to the voices who bring a mixture of music shows, features, interviews and competitions.

Meet Our Presenters
C_Camille 2.png


SunKiss Café

"Salut, this is Camille – join me every morning at the SunKiss café, the brightest way to start your day with uplifting music, positive energy and friendly company. It’s the perfect feel-good tonic to make your day just that little bit brighter !"



SunKiss Cruise

"I just love the idea of leading our listeners on a musical journey while they work or while they relax.  The SunKiss Cruise is about discovery as we introduce you to fresh new talent and exciting versions of songs that you won’t hear anywhere else." 


The Duke

SunKiss Stars

"Every evening, I'll bring you songs from the world's most legendary singers. Expect a few surprises as I'll dig deep into their repertoire with plenty of forgotten classics alongside the all-time favourites."



SunKiss Zest

"Ola. This is Carlos at the SunKiss beach cabana. It's that beautiful time of day when we can chill and enjoy friendly company and fantastic music. It's so cool you can join me!"



SunKiss Bliss

"I'm with you through the night until sunrise with  the most relaxing, easy-going soundtrack ever. It's the perfect vibe for late night company, or to ease you off to a blissful nights sleep."


Ace The DJ

SunKiss Fiesta

Greetings! Ace the DJ is in the cabana! Saturday night is the ultimate feel-good fiesta right here on the SunKiss beach! It’s the perfect soundtrack to those hot summer nights.



SunKiss Al Fresco

"The great thing about SunKiss is that we’re not defined by one genre – if we like it, we think that you’ll like it too, so we play it."

SunKiss Al Fresco is a mixed hamper of different musical styles yet they all have that special SunKiss feelgood feeling in common”.



SunKiss Life

"Each week, we hand-select a fresh batch of stories designed to make you pause, ponder, and perhaps see your world a little differently. Some you'll devour in a minute; others might keep you thinking for days.

SunKiss Life is about discovering the magic hidden in plain sight. So come on in, the wonder is waiting."

Please contact us if you’d like to become a SunKiss presenter or if you have an idea for a feature.

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Good News by SunKiss

"Why should the news always be about doom and gloom, when the world has so many uplifting stories to share?


"Good News from SunKiss"  takes a positive perspective on the news with a selection of inspiring stories often celebrating small but significant successes"

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