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SunKiss: Transforming Riviera Sunshine into Event Magic

Updated: Apr 12

A Unique Vibe for Memorable Events

Imagine your event bathed in the warmth of the sun and the gentle sea breeze of the French Riviera. With SunKiss, you're elevating your gathering to a level where every day feels brighter and every moment more special. SunKiss stands out with a unique vibe that transforms standard events into unforgettable experiences.

Photo: Riviera Organisation

Partnership for Exhilaration

“Imagine working with us to bring these exhilarating moments to life at your event. Together, we can create an atmosphere that captivates and delights every guest, ensuring memories that stand out,” invites Caroline Mackley, co-founder of SunKiss and managing director of Riviera Organisation.

Innovation at the Heart

What distinguishes SunKiss is not just our deep connection to the luxurious ambiance of the French Riviera; it's our ability to innovate. Conceived during a period when the world was paused, SunKiss leveraged this moment to spread joy and vitality. Our mix of uplifting music and inspiring narratives carries the vibrant energy and 'joie de vivre' from our home to the world. This innovative spirit and resilience are what we bring to your events, differentiating us from conventional event production options.

Photo: Riviera Organisation

The SunKiss Experience

Now, with Riviera Organisation, we offer the unique SunKiss Experience to events everywhere. Our strategy is about more than production; it involves creatively directing the event's energy, using music and performances to spark positive feelings and an atmosphere that guests will remember.

Let’s Create Magic Together

“If you're planning an event on the French Riviera and wish to encapsulate its essence, let's get in touch. Our team is enthusiastic about sharing the unmatched feel-good spirit of the Riviera, making sure your event is extraordinary,” Caroline says. Contact us today, and let's make your event stand out with the signature SunKiss vibe.


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