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How SunKiss is Making the World a Happier Place

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The world’s happiest radio station?

There’s a celebratory mood in the SunKiss studios this morning, as news filters through that the radio station has reached out to 100 different countries in the last month. "I’m overwhelmed" exclaims station manager, Peter Mackley.

"I’m so grateful that so many listeners are embracing the concept of the SunKiss way of life so quickly."

Clearly, SunKiss has struck a chord with many different nationalities. They are certainly living up to their cheeky boast of being the world’s happiest radio station. Turn on SunKiss for an hour and you can be sure your day will a little bit brighter, and if you take their invitation to embrace the SunKiss Life, who knows – maybe your life will be just that little bit happier?

Photo by SunKiss

What is the SunKiss Life?

So, what is this SunKiss Life? "It’s about appreciating life to the full – happily, healthily and in harmony with the wider world" adds Caroline, editor in chief and curator of the popular SunKiss Life features.

"It’s a means to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as ‘well beings’ and inspiring others to make a positive contribution to the world around us".

SunKiss Life broadcasts every hour during the day, covering a broad range of subjects from how to break free from the mindset that’s holding you back to what wellbeing lessons we can learn from our children. There’s also tips on finding the right type of herbal tea and bizarrely, why men should ejaculate more. Seriously! That’s one benefit from listening to SunKiss that I wasn’t expecting!

Spreading Positive Energy

In fact, everything about SunKiss is focussed on making you feel good, while conveniently ignoring the doom and gloom spread by conventional radio stations and the 24-hour news channels. Good News from SunKiss takes a positive perspective on the news with a selection of inspiring stories often celebrating small but significant successes in the battle against climate change.