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The Art of Living

SunKiss Life - May Edition

SunKiss Life is our perspective of the ‘Good Life’. It means feeling the warmth from the people around us, appreciating the wonders of the world and living life to the full, while inspiring those around us to do the same.

It is about savouring special moments with family and friends. It's about being there for others, spreading goodwill, and flourishing in harmony with the wider world.

In this month’s round-up of our SunKiss Life magazine, we've humbly collected together some inspiring and insightful stories related to living a ‘Good Life’.

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The Secret is Revealed?

No doubt at some point you’ve asked yourself, “How do I live a good life?” and “What even is a good life, anyway?” The French know a thing or two about the good life; from wine and cheese to pastries and champagne, but they’re not the only ones. Philosophers have been wrestling with these questions for eons.

Around 300 BC, two schools of thought emerged: Stoicism and Epicureanism. Both claim to have the secret to a good life figured out, and both are still highly relevant today. So, what’s the difference?

Stoicism has one paramount tenet: living virtuously is the foundation for a good life. If you act with virtue, everything else will fall into place. Epicureans don’t agree. They believe that to live a good life, you should maximize pleasure and minimize pain.

Who is right? Find out more about what these two philosophies of life can teach us about the art of living?

Adjust Your Sails

Are you familiar with this saying attributed to Thomas S. Monson?