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More SunKiss Projects

Updated: Jan 13, 2022 is just the start of a number of exciting projects from the SunKiss family.

SunKiss Radio: The Soundtrack to the SunKiss Life is the soundtrack to the SunKiss Life and the the window to SunKiss world, but this is just the start. We have many more exciting projects in the pipeline.

SunKiss Audio: Spreading the SunKiss Life will be a hub for creating and sharing inspiring audio content. All our features will be available online permanently, and made available for other radio stations and audio platforms worldwide.

Please contact us if you are interested in broadcasting any of our content, or if you'd like to propose any features that you think may be of interest to our listeners or our wider community.

SunKiss Events: Sharing The SunKiss Life

This is an international events service for luxury private events focused on creating meaningful experiences through music and entertainment (in partnership with Riviera Organisation).

With our partners, we can bring that SunKiss feel-good feeling to events anywhere in the world.

SunKiss Lifestyle: Embracing the SunKiss Life

Soon we'll have a powerful digital platform to connect the SunKiss community and to inspire others to embrace the SunKiss life to the full. It will complement the on-air content become a focal point to share information and advice, as well as offering professional coaching services.

SunKiss is not just a new way of listening. It's a new way of life.


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