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Introducing SunKiss Radio: A New Way Of Listening

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

SunKiss radio is launching across the UK this week, bringing an innovative concept and inspired listening experience.

“It’s about embracing all the positive things in life” says founder Peter Mackley, former breakfast presenter at Riviera Radio in Monaco “and we have an uplifting soundtrack to match with plenty of feel-good songs that you won’t hear elsewhere”

SunKiss also brings a different perspective on the news. “Our listeners have numerous sources already for the international news” says Caroline, editor in chief “so Good News from SunKiss offers a positive perspective with inspiring stories from our community from around the world”

SunKiss broadcasts online 24 hours a day from their studios on the French Riviera. “We aim to send over a little Mediterranean sunshine to brighten up your day wherever you are”, adds Peter “and we hope those positive vibes can spread to make a difference to the world, however small”.

Bird Is The Word

Among the original initiatives this summer is “The Bird Is The Word” challenge raising funds for the preservation of the iconic flamingo and the unique ecosystem necessary for their survival. “It’s incredibly simple” claims Caroline, “every time you hear a song about birds, tweet us - and if our listening community can collectively spot all 12 different types of birds on our playlist then our sponsors, Riviera Organisation, will help us adopt a flamingo”. So, I expect we can hear songs from The Eagles and Sheryl Crow, then? “Sure - those are the easy ones” says Peter, “but there’s a few on there that will be more difficult to spot.”