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Discover the Ultimate Blend of Timeless Classics and Fresh Hits on SunKiss Radio

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Photo by Marius Matuschzik, Unsplash

Unveiling the "Fresh List By SunKiss" - A New Perspective on Today's Music

Dive into a musical journey that combines the charm of yesteryear with the excitement of new discoveries. SunKiss Radio's "Fresh List" introduces a handpicked selection of today's freshest songs, bridging the gap between established classics and emerging talents.

Experience the thrill of music curated by real music lovers, free from the constraints of algorithms and statistics. Join us as we explore the world of harmonious melodies and unexpected treasures.

A Personal Touch in Song Selection - Music by Real People for Real Music Lovers

As the home of sparkling hits and beautiful melodies, SunKiss has been delighting audiences with its timeless and unexpected musical offerings.

Now, we're excited to unveil the "Fresh List By SunKiss," offering a different perspective on today's new music, featuring our personal selection of today's freshest songs.

Blending Established Classics with Contemporary Gems - A Harmonious Mix

"We love the timeless classics just as much as you do," proclaims station manager, Peter Mackley. "But we are just as excited about the great new songs that you may not get to hear elsewhere."

SunKiss is truly a radio station intended for music lovers who love discovering new music.

So, what can we expect on the newly launched "Fresh List by SunKiss"? "Each song has been personally selected by real people who love music just like you," explains Peter. "If it sounds good and makes us feel good, then we'll play it." Isn't it refreshing to listen to a radio station that transcends mere statistics and algorithms? "It's like we've created our own Top 40 featuring only songs we think you'll like," jokes Peter. "You could say it's the only chart show that doesn't count!"

From Chart-Toppers to Hidden Gems - Celebrating Today's Brightest Stars and Rising Talents

Does that mean there's no place on the Fresh List for today's biggest stars? "Not at all," affirms Peter. "We've been showcasing stripped-down versions of huge international songs from Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, and George Ezra. We've also handpicked album tracks from Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi, and Olly Murs. You'll be surprised how seamlessly these songs blend with the established classics." You'll also hear brand new releases from the likes of Cat Stevens, Eric Clapton, and Rick Astley.

But it's just as important for SunKiss to highlight today's brightest new talent and rising stars. "We love the new song from Cat Burns, which fits perfectly into the SunKiss vibe, and George Pelham's relatively unknown 'What A Time To Be Alive' was one of our most played songs last year.

SunKiss is an international feel-good radio station, where the world's most legendary singers play alongside today's freshest sounds and rising stars.

You can find all the featured new songs in our scintillating Spotify playlist - just search for "The Fresh List by SunKiss".


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