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Celebrating Our Growing Family

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Christmas is a time for celebrating family and friends. At SunKiss, we’re celebrating our very first Christmas with a growing family, while reaching out to more and more new friends. This month, we welcome three new presenters to the SunKiss team and a number of new shows.

Meet Giovanni, bringing a breath of fresh air to your lunchtimes. SunKiss Al Fresco is about spending time outside with friends, even if the weather is somewhat frightful. SunKiss brings the warm rays of sunshine and Giovanni brings the friendly company, an eclectic playlist, and a touch of Italian humour.

“The great thing about SunKiss is that we’re not defined by one genre – if we like it, we think that you’ll like it too, so we play it."

Jodi is the new voice on the SunKiss cruise. We just love the idea of leading our listeners on a musical journey. Just like any excursion, you’ll want to visit some of the famous landmarks – in our case, those timeless songs that never grow old!

But the SunKiss Cruise is also about discovery as we introduce you to fresh new talent and exciting versions of songs that you won’t hear anywhere else.

"Oh, and I’ll be uncovering a few forgotten treasures along the way – you know, those songs you haven’t heard in ages that take you back to special times and unexpected places.”

Listeners in the evening are sure to have noticed the smooth dulcet tones of The Duke – the man with the perfect voice for a relaxed session in the company of the world’s biggest stars. SunKiss Stars celebrates the world’s most famous singers, both the legendary and the contemporary.

"Alongside the greatest hits of all time, expect to hear your favourite singers performing songs you’ve never heard before.”

The Duke will play songs built around comforting voices and real instruments. It’s a familiar yet fresh soundtrack to your evenings. He is also the host of Sunday night’s Soul Legends playing the greatest soul singers of all time from Aretha Franklin to Amy Winehouse.

Remember Saturday night is party night – SunKiss style. Don’t miss Ace The DJ’s brand new show – The Fireside Party. It’s the ultimate feel-good party in the comfort of your own home. Songs that will take you to good times past and present – non-stop party anthems and feel-good classics. It’s the perfect soundtrack for those christmas dinner parties.

Finally, say hello to Martini – our adopted flamingo and the SunKiss mascot. We’ve promised to feed her and care for her for as long as she may fly - and it’s all thanks to you and the SunKiss community.

Following on from the success of this summer’s Bird Is the Word challenge, we've made a donation to the Tour du Valet nature reserve, large enough to make Martini a permanent part of the SunKiss family.

Martini is a beautiful 26 year-old flamingo, and so far, she’s flown over 7000 kilometres - no doubt brightening up the neighbourhood wherever she goes.

"Thank you SunKiss listeners. Together we are making a difference to the world in our own small way."


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