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Where music comes to life

Adding a feel-good vibe to live events all over the world. 

What is the SunKiss vibe?  

It’s the French Riviera feel-good factor with added sunshine and a warm human touch for creating moments of pure joy. 

Events, like radio, are about bringing people together. Both have the potential to spread joy and excitement through music and friendly company.


Did you know that, through our parent company Riviera Organisation, you can enjoy that SunKiss Vibe at private celebrations and corporate events around the world? 

"Together, we create experiences centred around how we can make people feel"  

The SunKiss Experience is about creatively managing the energy of the event using the flow of music and live entertainment to spark positive emotions and a memorable feel-good vibe. It’s those moments of excitement and that warm fuzzy feeling that only live experiences can bring.

Book Your Maestro  

Our super-experienced event maestros work with you or your event team to create, plan and oversee a music and entertainment programme to make your event sparkle and to create that all-important SunKiss Vibe feeling.  


On a more practical note, we also oversee all logistics related to the artists including their travel and hospitality, and we devise a suitable technical platform to make sure that your programme reaches its full potential at your chosen venue. 

Find out more about our Event Maestros

Technical Maestro-2.jpeg
Book Your SunKiss DJ 

Book a SunKiss DJ to add a real spark to your party with the potential of integrating exciting live performances. The entire music programme is taken care of with different energy levels at various stages of the evening.   


Add some zest to your cocktails, some legendary stars to your dining or some uplifting feelgood anthems to your dancing. Our premium DJ’s can bring exotic flavours and inspired mixes to create a truly unique sunshine-inspired musical experience. 

Book Your Live Band 

How about adding one of these amazing live bands, all born on the French Riviera, but ready to export that SunKiss Feeling to live events anywhere. 

Find Your Perfect Playlist

What about those special more intimate or fun moments for dinner parties and home events?


Take a look at the latest editions of our playlists or the complete selection of curated playlists on Spotify – or ask us to create one especially for you.

Add The SunKiss Vibe to your venue 

Talk to us about playing SunKiss at your hotel, restaurant, bar  … or beach cabana. We’d love to partner with you. Your clients will be thrilled when they hear your name on the radio and it’s as easy as sending an e-mail.


We can also create a dedicated stream entirely for you. It’s surprisingly simple and you take control of the music and the messages.


The potential for is enormous – for your brand and for your clients! 

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