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Climb That Mountain!

Welcome to our monthly round-up series of inspiring and insightful stories from our online lifestyle magazine, SunKiss Life.

Last month, we considered some aspects of a ‘Good Life’ in our round-up of stories from SunKiss Life. This month we’re homing in on a particular aspect of living life in full colour - travel! Say goodbye to daydreaming about travel and join us on a journey to some of Europe's wonders. Seize the opportunity to shed the hustle of modernity, join the moment, and open your senses to the world.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.

– Jack Kerouac

Photo by Josh Miller, Unsplash

Take A Leap into The Unknown

Before take-off – have you considered opening the door to one of life's most enriching experiences - solo travelling? It likely feels like taking a leap into the unknown, but you might discover that you are stronger and more outgoing than you thought you were, and happier in your own company than you ever imagined.

Solo travel opens up a world of possibility, of adventure and of new encounters that could change your life and will lift your self-confidence. Of course, traveling alone has its perils too, but a little preparation and common sense can and get you through the rough spots.

If you’re a woman you might want to take a few extra precautions; from ensuring you do the correct research about your destination, to making sure your valuables and cash are kept safe. Travel experts share their top tips to help keep you safe and secure when traveling alone.

Fly Carefree

Also, even if you once flew without a care in the world, does the idea of boarding a flight now make you feel more anxious simply because it's no longer something you’re used to doing?