SunKiss is more than a radio station. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Embracing the SunKiss Life means feeling the warmth from the people around us, appreciating the wonders of the world and enjoying life to the full, while inspiring those around us to do the same.

Living the SunKiss Life means savouring and sharing special moments with family and friends. It's about spreading goodwill and living "The Good Life" in harmony with the wider community, nature and the planet.

Welcome to the SunKiss Living Magazine, featuring inspirational stories about appreciating life to the full, happily, healthily and in harmony with the wider world.

We are delighted that you’ve tuned in for another one of our compilation of uplifting, inspiring and informative features from around the world – and we promise not to disappoint with the features and stories we’ve selected for you this month.

We’ve included everything from a short documentary on how indigenous wisdom can help protect our planet to a reminder that there’s no such thing as being too small to make a difference, and that together we are infinitely powerful.

We’ve also got an inspiring story about a group of photographers from around the world, who are working together to raise money for wildlife conservation in Africa.


Also, did you know that too much positive thinking could actually be damaging to others? And that breathing deeply translates into better health.


Check out our features below for more. We hope that we’ve piqued your interest, and if you would like your story to feature in our magazine, we would love to hear from you! In the meantime, happy reading!


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