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The Remarkable COP 26

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

SunKiss Life - November Edition

Welcome to the SunKiss Life Blog, a monthly round-up celebrating inspiring stories from our online lifestyle magazine, SunKiss Life.

Nice to see you! Here at SunKiss we hope you’re enjoying a wonderful November. This month, as the dust settles after the recent UN summit in Glasgow, we’ve put together an exciting collection of stories about life and our planet with the help of our many talented contributors from around the world.

Photo by Wix

The Remarkable COP 26 and how to choose the best scenario

COP 26 was never going to solve the world’s problems on its own, but let’s not overlook the positive intentions and hard work put in by thousands of people and the many remarkable things that did happen. We still have time to choose the best rather than the worst scenarios and our efforts to build a world where nature and people thrive must keep going. From the way we travel to the food we eat; learn how to make choices every day that help secure a more sustainable future.

As Sir David Attenborough puts it:

"There can be no greater legacy than giving young people the tools they need to save our planet."

Inspiring the Next Generation of Eco Heroes

What our children learn and do now, will have an impact on children that have not yet been born. Read about how to inspire the next generation to be eco heroes and create the future they deserve. You’ll also find a wealth of resources and natural wonders for young people on the “Our Planet” website.

There’s also a lot we adults can learn from children when it comes to embracing things that make us happy and we're sharing some wellbeing lessons we could easily pick up from kids. No doubt, they are intuitively aware that a walk in the woods or a stroll by the beach o